This is it guys. This is where we find out what this team, this coaching staff, and what this program is made of. Going to East Lansing and winning could be the jump that the Huskers, and this fan base, have been waiting for.

What's the reason I think it would be such a big win?

Nebraska would immediately go from a team that can compete to win the Big Ten Championship, and move right into the College Football Playoff conversation. Michigan State is by far the toughest game on Nebraska's schedule.

Do I think we can beat them?


Are we going to beat them?

I can honestly say.....YES.


Now normally I'd fill your head full of some stats and rankings on why Nebraska is better, but I'm not going to do that this week. I believe, deep down, that this team will play up for this game.

Why do I believe that?

Coaching. That's right, I said it. I think Bo Pelini will once again have Mark Dantonio's number and win on Saturday. Bo has had Sparty's number in the 3 times they've played each other. The Huskers are 7- 1 versus Michigan State, all time. The one loss being last year, and Nebraska could have won that game if not for the turnovers. Nebraska turned it over 5 times, twice giving the ball to Michigan State inside the Huskers 10 yard line. Both those turnovers resulted in touchdowns and Michigan State won by 13

Wait, they only won by 13?

How did they only win by 13 with all those turnovers?

Their number 1 ranked defense was giving up touchdowns when they weren't getting takeaways. It's simple, clean up the turnovers, and Nebraska can win.

This is the part where it gets dicey, Michigan State's quarterback, Connor Cook, is really good. He makes big plays (especially on 3rd down). The Blackshirts can not afford to spot him 7 points like they've done to 4 out of 5 teams they've played so far. 

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan State's defense is not as good as it was last year.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Nebraska's offense is much improved from last year.



Here is something no other team in the country can say

Nebraska has arguably the best offensive player in country. 

Nebraska has arguably the best defensive player in the country.


DRINK LOTS AND POP CHAMPAGNE HUSKER FANS! Saturday night is Nebraska's coming out party. The night we go from a cute undefeated B1G team, to an ESPN analyst's worst nightmare. We will be in the playoff conversation, and there is nothing they can do about it.

We Got This...

Written by: Cole Duncan

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