Tommy Armstrong flies through the air to get the ball down to the 1 yard line.

Tommy Armstrong flies through the air to get the ball down to the 1 yard line.

Nebraska 38

Northwestern 17

Nebraska wins the game after a slow start in the first half and completely dominates Northwestern in the second half.

Is Nebraska turning into the "Bad Boys" of the B1G? Why is there so much disrespect?

It wasn't that long ago Northwestern head coach, Pat Fitzgerald, was talking trash about Nebraska being "a boring state" at a golf outing to Northwestern media. I hope he continues doing that, because Nebraska beat Northwestern by the largest margin in the series since joining the B1G. Keep running that yapper Pat. 

Speaking of trash talking.  Ex-Creighton basketball player, Doug McDermott, made the "JaySkers'" heads explode when the Northwestern big screen showed him in the 2nd half of the game. He was sporting a Northwestern polo and saying "Go Wildcats," while trying to get the Northwestern crowd (all 20 of them) loud. It was a total troll move by him and he didn't stop there. Later, he tweeted this picture of Grant Gibbs on top of Nebraska's Terran Petteway, with the caption, "Mood."

I'm not exactly sure what he was trying to accomplish there. Seems like he is clueless to the fact that a big chunk of his fans are also Nebraska football fans. It's all good though Doug and Pat, the final score is all that really matters to us Husker fans, 38-17 in case you forgot.

  • The win on Saturday pushed the Huskers record to 6-1 on the season with their only loss being to a top ten ranked Michigan State team. That 6th win now makes the Huskers bowl eligible for the 51st time in school history. They are 3rd all time in bowl appearances, only Alabama and Texas have more bowl appearances.  I honestly think the Huskers can win out on their regular season schedule. 

  • Ameer Abdullah started off slow but turned it on in the second half. He ran the ball 23 times for 146 yards and FOUR TOUCHDOWNS. He finished the game averaging 6.3 yards per carry. He passed Ahman Green to move to 2nd on the all time Husker rushing list. Ridiculous records being shattered by him almost weekly now. Here's one more, he became the first player EVER at Nebraska to have three 1,000 yard seasons. Unbelievable!  

  • Message to De'Mornay Pierson-El: Thank you for coming to Nebraska! This kid is a game changer. Boobie Miles from "Friday Night Lights" and De'Mornay are basically the same guy.  This guy had 3 catches for 66 yards with his long being an over the middle catch and run for 46 yards (Mr. Beck, these passes over the middle to DPE, Westy, and Bell are there more often than not. My fellow Husker fans and I would like to see more of this). More importantly, De-Money$ single handedly changed the game from a field position standpoint. The nerds from Northwestern wanted no part in kicking to him, therefore giving the Huskers a short field. Out of Nebraska's 14 possessions in the game, here are some of the spots where they started. 

         Nebraska's 46 yard line

         Nebraska's 48 yard line

         Northwestern's 43 yard line

         Nebraska's 45 yard line

         Nebraska's 47 yard line

         Northwestern's 19 yard line

    That's all because of the threat De-Money$ is in the kick game. "Must be De-Money!"

  • Tommy Armstrong had a good, game management type game. In the passing game he was 18-29, good for a 62% completion rating. That percentage should have been higher with a few dropped balls by Kenny Bell (we will talk about that later). Tommy didn't turn the ball over and also caught a touchdown from Pierson-El. The biggest thing about Tommy's game was the lack of turnovers. The team as a whole had ZERO fumbles, and ZERO interceptions. Tommy doesn't have to be a super hero for the Huskers to be successful, there are plenty of playmakers in the offense. But jumping into the end zone from the 9 yard line tells me that he might actually be a super hero, or a monster from "Space Jam." Michael Jordan thinks you should tone it down Tommy.

  • Random note: Taylor Martinez was in Chicago Saturday night. He tweeted a picture of him and his girlfriend, Kelsey Robinson (ex-Husker volleyball player), that he went to the Chicago Blackhawks game. What's the deal with that? Didn't he play with most of these guys? Seems odd that he wouldn't go to the Husker game. 
  • If the Blackshirts could play an entire game like they did in the second half, I'm not sure who could beat them. In the second half the Blackshirts gave up zero points. They had 3 of their 4 sacks in the second half, had five 3 and outs, and only gave up a total of 28 yards in the second half, thanks in part to the -15 yards rushing in the 4th quarter. Kevin Williams looked like a beast getting 2.5 sacks in the second half. There is nothing cooler than watching a Blackshirt throw the bones after a sack. I can't be the only one that thinks that.


  • Kenny Bell caught 5 passes for 89 yards. That now leaves him just 5 receptions short of Nate Swift's 161 all time career receptions record at Nebraska. Bell is also only just 69 yards shy of Johnny Rogers career receiving yards record. Bell had a couple big drops in the game, which seems to be an issue for him lately. Unfortunately, after the game Kenny was bombarded with idiot "Husker" fans tweeting hatred at him. Just another reminder to Husker fans out there, DON'T BE IDIOTS ON TWITTER! Nothing good can come from you acting like a moron tweeting your opinion to players of the team. The guy is going to go down as one of the greatest wide receivers Nebraska has ever had (top 5 in my opinion). Please stop making the entire fan base look bad because you really wanted that 3rd down conversion in a game that Nebraska won by 21 points. I remember my first beer also, control yourselves.


The Good: Besides the win on the road, this week's "Good" goes to, the fans. Pat Fitzgerald talked a lot of sh*t about Nebraska for one reason...jealousy. Pat hates the fact that whether home or away, he has absolutely no crowd advantage. Some media guys estimated over twenty thousand Husker fans in Evanston Saturday night. With the official attendance of the game being 47,330. It was easily half filled with Husker fans. The Go Big Red chant at the end of the game could be heard clearly on the BTN broadcast. No other football team in the country travels as well as Nebraska, and we prove it year after year. HUSKER PRIDE NATION WIDE!

The Bad: It was the tale of two halves for the Blackshirts again, as they gave up a first drive touchdown again. That's now 5 first drive touchdowns in the first 7 games given up. That is just not good enough. I'm starting to wonder if this is a player thing or a coaching thing? What I mean is, they look sooo bad on the first drive of games. Is that because they are ill prepared? Or, because the players aren't mentally locked in yet? As they did before and on Saturday, they completely dominated in the second half.


I was particulary quiet this week leading up to the game because I honestly thought Nebraska would lose this game. I picked this game as a loss at the beginning of the year and no matter how much better on paper the Huskers were, I thought the Bo hiccup game would be this one. I was wrong and I'm extatic that I was wrong about this. The reason is, I didn't pick them losing to anyone else in the regular season after Northwestern. This was the biggest hurdle I saw left on the schedule. If the Huskers can show up each week from here on out and don't underestimate any teams, there is now a damn good chance they can get to Indianapolis with an 11-1 record. I'm just guessing that would be a top ten ranking also. Who knows, SEC keeps pounding on each other, we get a couple losses to go our way (circa 2001), and the Huskers could have an outside shot at the playoff still. Stranger things have happened. I'm just saying, wasn't there a play from that 2001 season that was similar to something the other night?

Written by: Cole Duncan

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