A win is a win is the saying but I think this is a good win especially coming off a loss.  It's always interesting to me to see how teams come off the bye week.  Some come off stronger and better and some look sluggish.  The Huskers look a little better off the bye.

This season, although Big10 is weak, is huge for the confidence of the team and program.  Its imperative that we finish 11-1, and yes that's pressure but that's how you see what you have.  Obviously barring injuries I say this should happen without a problem.  It is time for production and this is set up to do so.

Now to the game:

- I liked how the new "right-side" played.  Givens-Price and Kondolo put in work and played inspired and physical.  Kondolo finishes his blocks and plays to the whistle.  He should be a good player for years to come.  I haven't forgot Moudy either as he handled his business as well. 

- Nebraska was 8/15 on 3rd down.  That's huge and needs to continue in BIG games too.  If you look at 3rd down %, tackling and turnovers in Husker games that will tell you who most likely won.

- NW got zero sacks.  Regardless that's good to keep TA4 clean considering he got demolished last game.



- Still not sure why the shirts haven't been handed out.  If they have then I stand corrected.  I'm big on tradition and I'm used to them being out at the start of the season.

- Need to tighten that run defense up, young frosh got loose a lil bit and averaged 5.8 yards a carry.  **** Good tip for defenders against a back like that, don't hesitate and drill his legs at first, young backs aren't used to that and will look for contact rather than avoid.

- I have like NU 3rd down defense all year and this game was evident.  Held NW to 5/16 and was a huge part of 2nd half dominance.

- It was good to see some back-ups play and actually produce.  Kevin Williams had 2.5 sacks and Jack gang wish had a .5 sack.  It's a start and needs to continue.  Depth is built in practice and also getting meaningful reps.

- Here's a little analogy one of the smartest people I know told me about the "old 90's" players that are PERCEIVED as negative and the players that say all the "right things."  Analogy is one side are Democrats and the other is Republican (doesn't matter which is which).  The point is both have different opinions, thoughts and success but BOTH want the same and that is for Nebraska to win and win big!!!!! I did laugh because it is true.

- Also, never ask someone for their honest opinion and expect them to be politically correct or say what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

On that note, I'm out.  

Written by: Jay Foreman

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