Nebraska 24

Minnesota 28

It happened again. What was once a promising season has been Fresh Prince of Bel-Aired..."flipped, turned upside down."

Before I go on my rant here. Please spare me the normal Bo-leivers excuses, "who will you get to replace him, 9 wins is nothing to look down at, blah, blah, blah." I don't want to hear it anymore. 

A friggin' hockey school just beat Nebraska for the second year in a row. This is year 7 in the Bo Pelini era. That is unacceptable in my eyes. That hockey school has WAY less talent on the field than Nebraska. How does a team with less talent beat a team on the road, for the second year in a row? Coaching...

Your at home, last home game of the year, and senior day. You have a 21-7 lead at halftime, and you can't get a win against a school who's state slogan is being known as "The State of Hockey?" Think about that for a moment. Their badge of honor isn't "the state of the brown jug", or, "the state of the wooden axe". It's about hockey, a sport played by mostly Canadians. A sport played by guys name Claude and Sergei (no offense to anyone name Claude or Sergei reading this). Nebraska couldn't beat a school for the second time who literally thinks of football as something cute to do on Saturday afternoons before the Gopher hockey team plays Saturday night. Yet, for some fans, "we should just be happy with 9 wins, a lot of teams would want 9 wins". My God!

Enough about the coaching headache for a moment, let's see some stats of what actually happened on the ice...errrrr the field Saturday.

  • Although the outcome of the game sucked royally. It did have one of the best moments of the season in it. Randy Gregory blocked a 30 yard field goal attempt in the second quarter that was caught by Nate Gerry. Gerry ran the blocked kick back 85 yards for a touchdown. Since official game by game scoring didn't start until 1966. It is believed to be the only FG block re-turned for a touchdown in Nebraska history. Good for Nate Gerry, he has had an incredible year. 

  • Ameer Abdullah had 20 rush attempts for 98 yards. He didn't crack the 100 yard plateau again, in another loss. Abdullah has gone over 100 all purpose yards in every game but 4 this year. All 3 losses and Purdue (worst team in the B1G). Nebraska was down 28-24 with 3:25 to go in the game, 3 timeouts, and 75 yards standing between a win and a loss. Abdullah touched the ball ONE TIME in that drive (painful to type that one).

  • Minnesota had lost 16 straight road games against ranked opponents (Christ that one hurts).

  • Nebraska was outscored 21-3 in the second half by an offense (Minnesota's) that's ranked 98th in the country (Damnit, painful to type that one to, screw it, were done with stats!).

The Good: Hard to find anything good from the outcome of this game. I'd have to say the only thing good to come from this is there isn't another home game this year. Settle down, settle down... the reason I say that is because if there was, I think there would be major worry about the sellout streak coming to an end. Husker nation is pissed off right now, as they should be. After last weeks nightmare, tickets for the Minnesota game were hard to give away. Face value, $56 dollar tickets were going anywhere from $20-$30 on second hand broker sites. Here is a picture 10-15 minutes before kickoff of the sparse student section. With word from people say-ing there was empty patches of seats through out the stadium. 





The Bad: I'm going to leave this one up to you guys. Let me know in the comments below what you thought was the worst part of the game on Saturday. 

I understand there is a large portion of the fan base that thinks Bo should stay, because you can't fire a guy that wins 9 a year consistently. I say that's not good enough. Am I an entitled Husker fan who expects them to compete for championships every year? Yes. But I don't think they should win a National Championship every year. They SHOULD compete for a conference title almost every year. Especially, in the B1G West. The condition that Husker football is in right now, I'd say grab a new coach. With the resources and talent that Nebraska gets year in and year out, there are a lot of guys out there that could win 9 a year at Nebraska. I know there are those that think it's either Bo or Callahan. It's not. Callahan was a BAD coach. The way college football is today, you should hire a coach that you think can win, give him a few years and if he can't get you over the hump, BOOM cut your losses, and move on to the next guy. If the next guy doesn't pan out after a few years, BOOM go to the next guy. Keep doing that until you find that difference maker. Bo Pelini is not that guy, time to move on to the next guy. 

In all honesty, I don't think the athletic department has the stones to make the change. So we will sit in football purgatory, until that change is made.


Written by: Cole Duncan

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