So, Bo has been let go as the head coach at Nebraska. Some are pissed, many thought is was time, but regardless of how you feel, it doesn't really matter. He is gone, and now it's time for our red headed athletic director, Shawn Eichorst, to pick the next man to lead the Husker football team. I know every newspaper and blog out there has their list of candidates to salivate over, but we are going to do something different at The Boneyard -- we are going to try to figure out who Mr. Ginger Snaps himself will pick, by looking at his past experience. I received an e-mail from a contributor on a website I used to be apart of and here is his breakdown of Shawn Eichorst's history regarding hires:




Eichorst has held these positions in the past:

Senior Associate Athletic Director- South Carolina

Deputy Athletic Director- Wisconsin

Athletic Director – Miami

During his press conference, Eichorst made it sound like he has had plenty of experience in hiring Head football coaches…he kind of said “Hey I got this” (paraphrasing).

A lot of Nebraska fans think Eichorst hired current Miami head coach, Al Golden. That is not the case, as Golden was hired in 2010 before Eichorst became the AD there.

He did, however, search for and pick the current Miami head basketball coach. A 61 year old George Mason coach who had great success in a couple of NCAA tournaments. Jim Larranaga was hired for $500,000 a year with a potential bonus of an additional $500,000. This turned out to be a good hire as the Miami basketball team is now very competitive. However, this is the ONLY hire Eichorst has made as the actual AD of a D-1 school.

During Eichorst’s tenure at Wisconsin, the head football job came open and I am sure he helped with that decision making process. Barry Alvarez made the final decision when they selected Brett Bielema as their new head coach in 2006. Bielema was the defensive coordinator for the Badgers prior to his hiring as the head coach.

While he was at South Carolina, Eichorst helped with the search for their head football coach when they hired then 59 year old, Steve Spurrier, for $1.25 million a year.

Just for the record (I am sure most of your know) Tom Osborne hired current NU basketball coach Tim Miles. That hire was March 24 2012 and Eichorst took over the AD position October 12, 2012.

So, let’s look at Eichorst’s experiences in hiring head coaches and see if that can tell us which way he might go this time around.

  1. He helped hire a 59 year old college football coaching legend in Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, who had a great resume and even a former Heisman Trophy winner. He also brought South Carolina into prominence.

  2. He helped with the decision to hire a young defensive coordinator that had no D-1 head coaching experience in Brett Bielema. That hire worked out great for Wisconsin.

  3. In his only real hire as an AD, Eichorst picked a very experienced small school guy in Jim Larranaga. Again, this worked out great for Miami basketball.

In my opinion, Jim Tressel (at 63) is just too close to retirement for Eichorst to make him the next head coach at Nebraska. Plus, he was investigated by the Justice Department and found to have hid e-mails from Ohio State University administration officials. Also, did you know that he was in trouble while the head coach at Youngstown State? He allegedly tried to help a quarterback get one of those summer jobs that the player does not really have to show up to. Damaged goods!

So, when I look at Scott Frost as a possibility I note that this is very close to the Bielema hire at Wisconsin. Bielema was 36 years old when hired and was not a D-1 Head coach, ever. Scott Frost will be 40 years old next year. Frost’s resume is one of the most well rounded in the country. I dare you to find a coordinator on either side of the ball who has played for all of these coaches:

  • Tom Osborne
  • Bill Walsh
  • Bill Parcels
  • Bill Bilichick
  • Jon Gruden
  • Chip Kelly (Frost is currently the offensive coordinator for the record setting offense at Oregon)

I could stop here but there are more. Frost won a National Championship as a quarterback for Nebraska and played six years in the NFL spending some time as both a tight end and as a safety.

Can Scott Frost recruit? Uhhhmmmmm, YES!

The question is not whether Eichorst SHOULD hire Frost for the job but rather WILL Eichorst hire Frost? I believe that due to the success of Bielema at Wisconsin, Eichorst will not be afraid to pull the trigger on Frost. One last point, Eichorst will never be fired for hiring Frost regardless of the outcome, but he could be fired for hiring some other Callahan type dipsh*t and NOT hiring Frost.

It is my opinion that if Frost failed as NU head football coach, Eichorst would get a chance at a second hire. Anyone else Eichorst hires will mean his job will also be on the line.


After reading the email above, I can see how Scott Frost would be a good fit. But let's be honest. No one other than a select few with the university really knows what is going to happen. Remember that, when you see "Breaking or Sources" on twitter or Facebook or wherever. Those same people throwing rumors out right now. Ask them where their sources were on Sunday morning when The Ginger Bread Man fired Bo? There were no "Sources or Breaking news" on Saturday night. They had no idea. You can sometimes figure this stuff out from looking at history. When looking to the future for answers on someone. It's sometimes best to look at their past.

Written by: Cole Duncan

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