Kenny Bell with both arms in the air running down the field is probably the greatest thing ever!

Kenny Bell with both arms in the air running down the field is probably the greatest thing ever!

Huskers WIN 24-19

Sorry for the delay. There has been a lot of things going on in the BRR house lately with the holidays and all. I took a few weeks off to soak in all the bowl games.
Any who, what a freaking game that was! It wasn’t the prettiest. But the Huskers clawed and scraped for everything they earned yesterday. I know I walked into work today with a big grin on my face. That was until Ed Cunninghams name got brought up. SERIUOUSLY EDDIE, what the HELL did Nebraska ever do to you? You are officially now on the list with Musberger as a Husker hated announcer. Ed became such a topic during the game that his name was trending nationally on twitter at one time. Your there to call the game, not take it over Ed. Our defense tackled well yesterday. That made Eduardo upset. Hey Ed go ahead and crack open a cold one for the ride home next time in Lincoln so that we may never hear you call one of our games again. And my last thing about the broadcast. Who is the guy that took the audio for the commercial? Fire him. I guess tax slayer didn’t care that their commercial sounded like it was filmed under the ocean? That guy shouldn’t get a write up, or a verbal warning, or anything. FIRE HIM RIGHT NOW! When he showed his “proud audio guy moment” commercial to his friends, they probably said stuff like “great job, I like it, that’s really good!” Those aren’t your true friends audio guy. It was horrible. And I was simply amazed that something like that made it all the way national television. If you didn’t catch the sound of that commercial, your one of the lucky ones. But I digress.
Right off the bat in the game Tommy Armstrong impressed me. He looked faster than I’ve seen him all year. If he continues to get better and limits his turnovers, I’m not sure there will be a competition in spring ball for the starting job, like we all expected. He did everything we needed him to do to get a W. It was a hard fought, team win. Everyone did their part. It’s good to win games like that.

Let’s get some stats shall we?

  • Ameer  ran it 27 times for 122 yards and a touchdown. That put his season total at 1,690 yards rushing. The 4th best rushing season in the 124 year history of the Nebraska football program. It was also his 11th 100 yard rushing game of the season which ties a school record with Mike Rozier, Lawerence Phillips, and Ahman Green. He is one of the all time great running backs at Nebraska. Good for him. What can we say to make you come back next year Ameer?
  • The Blackshirts held Georgia to its lowest point total of the year. They play in the SEC and none of those defenses played as well as the Blackshirts. Eat shit Ed Cunningham.
  • That was Nebraska’s 9th straight win in a game decided by 7 points or less. That happens to be the longest streak in the country in close games. Gotta give Bo the credit, his team always wins close games. My cardiologist doesn’t like it, but it’s a fact.
  • Randy Gregory had 1 sack pushing his total to 10.5 on the year. That moves him to the 10th on the Nebraska single season sack list. Randy already said he’s coming back next year, but it couldn’t hurt to shmooze him Husker fans.
  • The Blackshirts held Georgia to 12 points on their 6 trips inside the red zone. Blackshirts stopped them twice on 4th down and forced 4 field goals. But that was only because the field was wet and Georgia was injured, right Ed?

THE GOODThere was no friggin way the longest play in school, NCAA, and Gator Bowl history is not going to be in here. Quincy Enunwa also set the single season receiving TD record in that play. It was the play of the game and the #2 play of the year for the Huskers. The joy of the sideline is awesome also.

THE BAD: ESPN’s broadcast. If it wasn’t Ed not so Cunningham drinking his SEC slurpy. It was Mike Patrick getting multiple players names wrong. It was the camera crew missing the ball on a Husker field goal. I remember pay per view game broadcast that were better than that.

I thought after the UCLA game that this team would barely get to 7 or 8 wins. They got 9 instead. But I think through all the stuff the players and coaches went through this year, 9 wins was pretty good. It’s not what I hoped for when the season started. But the future is bright Husker fans. That defense and offense should both improve next year. I believe the Huskers will be a better football team next year. I am going to try to bring you weekly updates in the offseason on what is going on with the program, recruiting, Miley Cyrus updates, and other info. I hope you guys enjoyed my first season of ranting about our Huskers. GO BIG RED!