Nebraska 55


If you played the drinking game where you do a shot every time Abdullah gets a first down on Saturday. I send your family my condolences. You had a good life.

I'm going to try to contain my excitement from the game that I saw  against FAWho (I'm sorry, I had to do that once.) I knew the Huskers were going to beat the crap out of them. But, Jesus, that was some "Ol school Nebraska put you in your place" football we watched. After an offseason where we saw the head coach do a complete 360 and Mr. Abdullah had more preseason hype for a Nebraska running back since Ahmann Green. Everything came out roses. Don't let your dummy Iowa fan coworker downplay this game by dropping the old "It was FAU", "That blowout doesn't matter" BS. That game was one for the record books, literally. The Huskers broke more records than a roided out Barry Bonds Saturday. Way to avenge Carl's death Cornhuskers! (He's dead right?)

There was an overload on stats from this game. So I picked the ones that I thought stood out the most.

  • Ameer Abdullah couldn't have started his Heisman campaign any better. He had 232 yards rushing on 21 carries. A little over 11 yards per carry. He passed Ken Clark and Calvin Jones to put himself in the 6th spot ALL TIME in rushing yards at Nebraska. He's 120 yards away from breaking into the top 5 and passing Rex Burkhead on the list. I'm guessing he gets that in the first quarter against McNeese State next week. Again, if you play any type of Abdullah drinking game like, drink everytime he gets a 5 yard carry. Or, drink every time he makes a defender look like a new born deer trying to walk on ice. Or, drink everytime a girl in the room says something about how dreamy his eyes are. If you do this, you clearly hate your liver. Also, I'd like to hang out with you.
  • Bo moved up in the record books also with the win. He made his overall record 59-24, and moved into 3rd place all time at Nebraska with that victory. He's now behind 2 guys at Nebraska who both have statues outside the stadium. Pretty impressive that he has put his name up there with Dr. Tom and The Bob father.
  • Total attendance for the game was 91,441. The second largest crowd EVER at Memorial Stadium. ESPN was writing all week about how those tickets remained unsold, "Oh my God, the sky is falling"! Everyone knew it would sell out. Once again ESPN looks very stupid. That's kinda becoming their thing.
  • Tommy Armstrong looked friggin AWESOME. He was 15-29 for 271 yards and 2 TD's. He looked like a true leader out there. He seems so calm. I liked the pregame scream he did on the sideline. I had to remind myself this guy is a sophmore and not a 5th year senior. It looks like he has became a true leader of the team. Maybe his time with the old gunslinger, Brett Favre is paying off? Hopefully "Ol Man River" didn't show Tommy any cell phone tricks.
  • The Blackshirts held FAU to 200 yards of total offense. They had 9, 3 AND OUTS! By my count they had 7 of those 9 in a row. Basically after FAU's first drive of 75 yards and a touchdown. The Blackshirts went "Vince Vaughn", Wedding Crashers and LOCKED IT UP! 
  • Zero turnovers for the first time in 2 years. I don't care if the Huskers were playing the Iowa School for Nuns (who would probably be a 10 point favorite over the Hawkeyes). Zero turnovers for a Husker team that had major problems in that category the last couple years is impressive.

THE GOOD: Jordan Westerkamp! What the hell was that? Let me be the first to say congrats on your Espy win next summer. I can't imagine a better play in college football this year. His name was trending nation wide on twitter shortly after the catch! The Stache strikes again and continues to amaze!


THE BAD: Randy Gregory's knee. Even though the Huskers were cruising. There was an elephant in the room. Gregory limped off the field early in the game and never returned. They said it was his knee. Bo also said he could have gone back in the game but they wanted to "play it safe". I'm not sure if I believe Bo after the whole "turf toe" debacle last year. What I do know is that I don't make it to church as much as I should. But if anyone out there knows any priests, rabbis, or witch doctors they can ask for a little extra love on #4's knee the next couple days? That would be great.

CHEERS HUSKER FANS! We made it through week one! Was it perfect? No. Personally, I have a lot of work to do on my fan game as well. The bro high fives were mediocre at best. The connection wasn't solid. But it was week 1 and we will continue to get better. My liver is clearly still in preseason form. Clearly my offseason regiment didn't prepare myself for the real deal. The good thing is we get to do it all over again next Saturday. The game went as well as anyone could of expected. Next week should be another celebration before the Huskers head out west.