Huskers could win Saturday on SWAG alone.

Huskers could win Saturday on SWAG alone.

Gimme a break with the, "Huskers looked bad against McNeese so they will probably lose to Fresno" talk. That is garbage. It's not happening. 

 I'm usually pretty nervous about the first road game, especially under Pelini. Not this year.


This ain't your grand-pappy's Fresno State team. Pat Hill isn't the coach anymore. You remember Pat Hill? The guy that looked like he smoked 3 packs a day, and could out party Carl Pelini. Yeah, he's gone. The coach now is Tim Deruyter. He used to be the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M, who play in the SEC. The SEC doesn't play defense anymore. So there is that. 

Ex head coach Pat Hill, no relation to the guy that owns American Choppers.

Ex head coach Pat Hill, no relation to the guy that owns American Choppers.

Before the year started I looked at the Fresno State game as the game we will truly see what kind of team the Huskers are. I'm not sure that's the case anymore, because I expected Fresno State to be competitive. After 2 games they have not looked competitive at all.

Let me give you some reasons on why the Huskers will win 92-0 on Saturday (Sunday morning).

Fresno State has given up 16 tackles for loss in their first 2 games. That includes 8 sacks, 7 of which they gave up to Utah. Only 1 sack given up to USC. Combine that with the best defensive end in college football (Randy Gregory) returning Saturday. That's going to equal PAIN for Fresno State. Mr. Papuchis, let them pin their ears back and KILL.

Fresno's defense is just as ugly as it's offense. They're giving up 4.53 yards per carry on defense. We have AMEER ABDULLAH. If Beck doesn't screw this up, like he did last week. Abdullah should break the NCAA single game record by halftime (LaDainian Tomlinson holds that record at 406 yards by the way). 

The Huskers should throw the ball maybe twice in this game. If they do that, they'll win by close to 100 points. If Beck doesn't screw it up, Huskers will cruise. If Beck does screw it up, God help us all. 


Drink of the night: Red Bull Vodka. Will need some caffeine to go with the cheer juice to stay up for this 9:30 kickoff. Hopefully the game will end before the sun rises on Sunday morning, I doubt it.

Oh yeah, and Abdullah took Fresno State to the cleaners on this 100 yard kickoff return when he was a freshman. WE GOT THIS...