COMPANY OVERVIEW is the media website for the Internet generation focused on Nebraska sports. We create and produce all-original weekly and daily episodic community-driven programs watched by a super-loyal, passionate fan base. Based in Omaha, NE, the website operates as an independently producing, programming, and distribution of non-fiction media content.


Our platform powers the scalable production, monetization and distribution of special interest video content for passionate online communities.  Built from a sports enthusiast base, shows cover Sports, News, Social, Outdoor, Comedy, Entertainment, and much more.  Shows are hosted by knowledgeable, industry experts, born and nurtured by the communities they lead.


We create and produce all-original weekly and daily episodic community driven programs watched by the greatest fans. These shows run from under a minute to close to an hour in length. We develop, nurture and discover the shows and hosts that sit at the center of these new dynamic and online communities. Our hosts are influential experts, players, musicians, and fans with the desire to share their passion with audiences.


The connection between these influential hosts and their passionate followers creates a trusted environment that advertisers covet, unlike viral hits or user generated content. creates a unique bond with the audience via customized message integration and host mentions that deliver phenomenal results. Our clutter-free environment is perfect for everything from direct response to branding. Click here for more information on how to advertise on


Thousands of viewers have already watched existing programming each month, across a broad network of partners spanning web, mobile and over the top platforms. Our hyper-connected audience gets the vast majority of its entertainment, information and social connections through the Internet, and thinks that every glowing rectangle should be a video-consumption device.


Our professionally produced shows are watched anywhere, anytime, on any device and through any service – from handheld iPhones and iPads to notebooks and PCs, all the way up to home theaters and HDTVs. Our shows are viewed through our own website ( and on YouTube and also through a network of distribution partners spanning web, mobile and over the top platforms.

OUR AUDIENCE unique approach to delivering in-show sponsorship messaging has created an effective and efficient vehicle for building brands and selling products and services.

- Heavily viewed by 18-45 year old males

- 99.6% audience recall for 1 or more sponsor

- 56% of podcast viewers have purchased a product or service from a show sponsor