Advertise With US is the Midwest’s newest sports media for the Internet generation. We create and produce all-original weekly and daily episodic community driven programs watched by a super-committed, passionate fan base.

Our hyper-connected audience gets the vast majority of its entertainment, information and social connections through the Internet. We develop, nurture and discover the shows that sit at the center of these new dynamic and rabid communities. Our hosts are experts not actors, with tremendous influence over their audiences.

Our professionally produced shows run from under a minute to over an hour, and are watched anywhere, anytime, on any device and through any service – from handheld iPhones to notebooks and PCs, all the way up to home theaters and HDTVs. Our shows are viewed through our own website, along with more than 40 distribution partners including TiVo, iTunes and YouTube. has delivered successful campaigns for a wide-range of top products and brands. Advertisers enjoy a unique bond with the audience via customized message integration and host mentions that deliver phenomenal results. Our clutter-free environment is perfect for everything from direct response to branding.

- Reach a premium audience – 99% of our target audience own smartphones with data plan subscriptions. Over 76% of that market have college degrees and live in high income housing.

- Be Relevant – Focus your advertising on viewers with interest that align with your product and/or services.

- Use Rich Media- Engage listeners/viewers with compelling campaigns that surround a consumer with audio, video and social channels. strives to provide a high ROI on hyper-targeted advertisements. Our unique blend of content distribution and quality hosts is nothing like what’s available online today. This gives you an opportunity to be represented by some of the best digital content and the biggest regional influencers in the market.

OUR AUDIENCE unique approach to delivering in-show sponsorship messaging will drive an effective and efficient vehicle for building brands and selling products and services.

 Target Market:

 - 65% Male / 35% Female 

- 70% Age 18 – 45

- 80% Spend more time with Internet/digital content then traditional TV content

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