#3 Mississippi State beats #2 Auburn. A little close there coach, 2 foot rule.

#3 Mississippi State beats #2 Auburn. A little close there coach, 2 foot rule.

Memo to the women (and men who aren't interested in football): Never, ever schedule weddings in the fall. Now, some of you are thinking, "As long as it's a Husker bye week, I'm good." You're wrong. Just because the Huskers aren't playing doesn't mean the significant other gets to give you a list of junk to be done during bye week. It's your duty as a fan to not wear pants, plop on the couch, and watch the dozens and dozens of games that are on that day ("Sorry Dear, that sh*! will have to wait 'til basketball season"). How the hell are you supposed to fix that leaky sink when you're breaking down the Minnesota vs. Northwestern game? Some people look at bye week as a time to go to your brother's wedding or get yard work done. I see it as a time to root for all hell to break loose. I don't even call it "bye week" anymore, I call it, "Please God let every single team lose by 100 points week." 

Well, every team didn't lose by 100, but there was still some great games on. Millions of people were hoping North Carolina would "Come on and raise up" and beat Notre Dame. They came close, but didn't, losing 50-45. Lou Holtz probably said something good about ND after the game, but no one understood what he said. 



Texas lost again! They're now 2-4! CHEERS! It's great. They also don't understand that whole "high five" concept yet. Geesh Texas.


Missouri got beat by Georgia 34-0. This whole bye week thing is pretty awesome, right?

Missouri and Iowa are BOTH unranked. Again, love ya bye week.

LSU beat Florida 30-27, LSU also joined the ranks of Florida and Penn State, as teams that like to block or tackle their own players. I don't understand this new phenomenon.

TCU and Baylor scored 119 points combined, with Baylor winning 61-58. However, Baylor was losing 58-37 with around 11 minutes to play. Did Clayton Kershaw go to TCU?

Oregon beat UCLA I guess, but not sure if anyone actually watched that one.

Huskers jumped 2 spots in the AP and the Coaches poll to number 19th in both.  Yep, didn't put pants on, didn't leave the couch, Huskers jump 2, cue any Zac Brown song about how great life is.

It was a much needed bye week for the Huskers to get healthy and move up in the polls. You really can't ask for much more. The Husker's have a big one Saturday against the nerds from Northwestern. They need to win to keep the Indy hopes alive. It's payback time for Northwestern's coach Fitzgerald talking trash earlier in the year.


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