The only time the Huskers played Rutgers was in 1920. Huskers won 28-0, in their first ever game played east of Michigan.

I'm a huge fan of the greatest show ever made, The Sopranos. Is it the fan in me that any time the name, "Rutgers" is said, I immediately think of Tony Soprano? Maybe. I can't be the only one right?

In "Soprano" fashion, the Huskers have "a hit" out on the Rutgers defense. Rutgers defense is bad. Michigan's juggernaut 108th ranked offense has broken into the 20 point range once in the last 4 weeks. Guess whose defense let that happen? Rutgers. So when people ask you if the Huskers can get to 50 points on Saturday. The only appropriate answer should be, "Fuuget about it!" 

The Huskers are better than Rutgers at pretty much every category there is. The only thing Rutgers does good, is throw the ball. Senior QB, Gary Nova, has thrown for 1,793 yards. That's more than Tommy Armstrong's 1,546 passing yards. Unfortunately, for Mr. Nova the best defenses he has played were Penn State (6th ranked D) and Ohio St (15th ranked D). He didn't fare well in those outings. He had the same amount of touchdown passes in those games as Tony Soprano had friends at the District Attorneys office, ZERO. I'm not saying the Blackshirts are as good as Penn St. and Ohio State's defenses right now. But they did just finish the second half of their last game giving up only 28 yards.

The Blackshirts were handed out on Tuesday and the defense seems to be clicking right now. If only they could, you know, play an entire game the way they've been finishing them? That's not asking to much is it? I'm going to put myself out there and try something new this Saturday. I'm going to add to the celebratory touchdown shots. Let's shotgun beers if the Blackshirts give up ZERO points on Rutgers first possession. I'm game for that.

Rutgers 67th ranked rushing defense is kind of respectable, I guess. They have played some good rushing teams. Nebraska will be their 3rd opponent with a rushing offense ranked in the top 20, Navy and Ohio State being the other 2. Navy averaged 4 yards a carry on Rutgers and Ohio State averaged 8.1 yards per carry. Fortunately, for Uncle Junior's Rutgers team, neither of those teams had Ameer Abdullah. Abdullah should be able to get back on top of the most rushing yards in the country list on Saturday.

I really don't worry about the famous Bo Pelini "hiccup game" with this team. I think the leadership is to strong.

Tommy "Two Times" Armstrong and Ameer Abdullah should have no problems with this Rutgers defense. The Blackshirts should be able to dominate an entire game. In honor of the mobsters from Jersey, maybe grab a bottle of wine. When it comes to stressing the outcome of the game. FUUUUGET ABOUT IT!

We Got This...


Written by: Cole Duncan

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