Abdullah runs all over Rutgers.

Abdullah runs all over Rutgers.

Nebraska 42

Rutgers 24

It was one for the books in Lincoln on Saturday afternoon. Literally, the record books were being updated as the game went on. The Huskers dominated at times of the game. The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel here was Bo, and players comments after the game. They flat out said, "It wasn't good enough." I really liked the attitude that the team had after the game. They were pissed. It's almost as if everyone in the locker room knows that this team has the potential to be a championship caliber football team. I'm not going to bash the effort and play of the team, because there was a lot more good things in the game than there was bad. And lets be honest, everyone else has taken care of that for me.

 At the end of the day it was a WIN! The Huskers are 7-1. Huskers are in first place in the B1G West and in the drivers seat for a trip to Indianapolis. There is 4 games left on the regular season schedule right now and they are ALL winnable games. We've got a lot to be happy about Husker fans. Bo went back to "cranky Bo" in the post game. Happy Bo is way more fun if you ask me.

Based loosely on the post game press conference, smiling and jazz hands may or may not have been added by me. Or it could have been stone faced, one word answers with none of the reaction above...

Based loosely on the post game press conference, smiling and jazz hands may or may not have been added by me. Or it could have been stone faced, one word answers with none of the reaction above...


  • Ameer Abdullah is too much fun to watch. Seems like every week he takes down a different all time record at Nebraska. He had 19 rushes for 225 yards and three touchdowns. He also had 26 receiving yards and 90 kick off return yards. That was good for a school record 341 all purpose yards in a single game, knocking off Roy Helu's 321 yards set back in 2010. There has been only 2 games in college football this year that a running back or wide receiver have gone over 300 total yards of offense. Abdullah has both of those games. I haven't had this much fun watching a running back at Nebraska since I was 12 years old watching Ahman Green torch defenses in the 1995. 
  •  Abdullah now has 19 touchdowns on the year. That's not bad considering he had 17 touchdowns his sophomore and junior year COMBINED. 
  •  Move over Tommie! Abdullah's 3 touchdowns gave him 37 career rushing touchdowns and moved him to fifth place on the career rushing touchdown list at Nebraska. He passed The Boneyards's own Tommie Frazier on the list who had 36 rushing touchdowns in his career. Abdullah continues to put his name next to Nebraska's all time greats in the record books. If you had one guy to base your offense around who would you take, Tommie, or Ameer? Has Ameer done more with less? I would love to get Tommie's opinion on this.
Kenny Bell with his record breaking ball.

Kenny Bell with his record breaking ball.

  • Lets jump from one all time great, to another. Kenny Bell busted out the #2 pencil and eraser in the record books as well. He had 6 catches for 63 yards. He now has 167 career receptions and jumped Nate Swift to become the all time Nebraska leader in receptions. Kenny Bell is what Nebraska Cornhusker is all about. Kenny is all class, and his leadership on and off the field are a big reason why Nebraska is 7-1 right now. I've been fairly critical of Bo Pelini in the past, but one thing I like about him is he gets guys like Ameer and Kenny who's character on and off the field are just as important as football. It's sad to think there are only a handful of times left we get to watch those two wear the Husker uniform. 

  • The Blackshirts didn't look great, but there was some good things they did. Zaire Anderson had a career best 11 tackles, he was all over the ball all day.  

  • Maliek Collins is putting together an all conference resume this year. He had a career high 7 tackles Saturday, including 1 sack and 3 QB hurries. He did the "feed me" motion after the sack. All the while I said to myself, "That guy does not look hungry at all."

  • Randy Gregory had 5 tackles, 1 sack, 2 QB hurries and a blocked field goal . He did all that while being double teamed most of the day, one time he was even triple teamed. It seems like every week I get a little worried for the opposing offense. On more than one occasion a game, I watch Gregory make a tackle and immediately shout, "OH NO THAT GUY IS DEAD!" Somehow the offensive guys usually get up afterwards though. 

  • Speaking of blocked field goal. Señor Swag Josh Mitchell caught the blocked field goal and then tried to return it for a touchdown. After running around for what felt like 2 hours, he decided to get rid of the ball and lateral it backwards to.......NO ONE. Fortunately Nebraska was able to recover the fumble and no harm was done. After the game was over, Josh must have received some criticism on the old twitter machine. His response was kind of a shocker coming from the senior Blackshirt.


The Good: Ameer Abdullah and Kenny Bell. It's not often a school record is set in a college football game. Even less often at a school like Nebraska with the rich history that the football program has. Now add the fact that TWO school records were broken. We as Husker fans are pretty lucky to be able to watch arguably the best running back in school history play on the same field as arguably the best wide receiver in school history. 

The Bad: Timothy Alowishus Beck! In the 2nd quarter Ameer was cruising. The offense had ran the ball 2 out of 3 plays at one point. One run for a 53 yard TD, another for a 48 yard TD. So what does the old play wizard draw up after that? Three straight pass plays. Two of which were incomplete, the other being intercepted. It was at a point in the game where the Huskers could really bury Rutgers. They were up 21-7 at that point. They didn't score again in the half because Tim sucked the momentum away. I try not to harp too much on Beck's play calls. I actually don't mind a pass play here and there to switch it up, but when you've got a chance to step on the throat of a team, and put them to bed, he always seems to screw it up like that. Super frustrating watching that. Thank God for Jagermeister!

Did the team as a whole play great? No. Did the team as a whole play horrible? No. They looked sluggish in the first game since the second week of the season (September 6th), that was an early kickoff. It's not the end of the world. The Purdue game next week is a 2:30 kickoff, so they should be awake and ready to go. If they have another sluggish game in the tune up against Purdue before we face Wisconsin, then by all means, start panicking, panic big time. Because the last 3 games on the schedule are all must wins in my eyes and if the Huskers aren't clicking on all cylinders. They will all be tough games to win. 

Written by: Cole Duncan

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