Cool drum guys...

Cool drum guys...

Purdue has to be the only school in the world, that makes Northwestern seem cool.

When it comes to sports, some things have just stuck in my head since I was a young kid. There are certain words, places, things, etc. that when I hear them, a picture or memory shoots into my brain faster than a Todd Gurley suspension (4 games for $3,000? That was quick!). So, as the week has moved on and people asked me my thoughts on Purdue's first ever trip to Memorial Stadium, I couldn't help but reminisce of when I was a kid watching college basketball. The image of the worst comb-over/toupee in the history of universe (worn by retired Purdue Basketball coach Gene Keady) pops into my head. Dude, I was like 9 or 10 years old at the time, and I knew your hair was a joke! Thanks to Mr. Keady, my 8 year old self made a lifelong promise to...myself, never to let my dome get like that. Once I start getting thin up there, I'm going Mr. Clean style; it's way better than looking like this.

Looks like he has a puppy on his head.

Looks like he has a puppy on his head.

I guess the reason I'm blogging about 'ol Mean Gene up there, is because there isn't much to talk about when it comes to Purdue's football team. They stink. If you look at the numbers you'll see. They're statistically ranked with, or below, Rutgers in basically every phase of the game. Except offense, they really are terrible at offense. They are coming in to Lincoln with the 99th best offense in the country. Local papers will tell you, "Hey guys, this could get interesting! They have a sophomore qb they started playing more. He's really swell...honest!" His name is Austin Appleby and he isn't going to be eating good in the neighborhood come Saturday. I see the same game that Nebraska had against Rutgers, with one difference, Huskers don't let off, and they bury Purdue when they get the chance.

The college football playoff poll came out Tuesday, with the Huskers ranked 15th. I think this team will come out, moving forward, looking to add some "style points" to the scoreboard.

When you break down the poll, the only way I see Nebraska being in the conversation at the end of the year is by:

  • Beating the teams like Purdue (by more than 4 touchdowns) 
  • Winning all their remaining games on the schedule easily, and
  • Playing and beating Michigan State in the B1G Championship.

That is the only way I even remotely see them in the discussion at the end of the year.

I think that starts on Saturday.  

The Huskers are not losing to Purdue. It would be a travesty. Kinda like the travesty of Amelia Earhart's disappearance. That's right, the folks at Purdue don't want you to know this, but they had a lot to do with an American hero's death. Guess who funded the old clunker, Lockheed Model 10 Elektra, that ma girl Am' went down in? You guessed it, none other than Purdue University.

The Huskers don't lose to teams like that. We carry the flag out every game. AMERICA...We Got This...


P.S. Ed "I hate everything red" Cunningham is on the call for ESPN Saturday. It only takes ONE open container ticket to keep him out for good Lincoln Police Department. Ask Brent Musburger.

Written by: Cole Duncan

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