My first thought is that I wasn't surprised by the outcome but I can't lie that I am surprised.  I feel this way because this game was tee'd up and ready for the Huskers to take and elevate themselves into the national scene. As far as the defense goes.......



-Played hard for 4 quarters and contrary to belief, they played well enough to keep it close.  being picky in the sense they gave up to many big plays(really picky).  Big plays come from two things, talent and confidence, and they go hand in hand.  MSU was going to make plays because they are better than any opponent to date.  The confidence part come from where they started possession with the ball.  The explosive and big plays at bad times need to be corrected.  The fine details are what hurts some players and the defense in games like this.

-Tackled pretty well for the most part, still needs to be better. More gang tackling is needed.  Example: when you saw Ameer hit he was usually hit by 2/3 guys even if he made one miss.

- Valentine played his best game and was a force all game. Now he has done it, he needs held to that standard week in and week out.

-Roach was all over the place, will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

- Sill looking for that one leader in the front 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where or who is he? Can he be a true leader looking over his shoulder? TBD.

-Bad move having M. Rose man on man first play off the bench, asking for double move and trouble.

-Need a better pass rush out of the D-Line or should say more consistent.  Too much talent for Connor Cook not to be destroyed.

******Losing Mike Rose at MLB has been a bigger issue than originally thought, this isn't a talent issue but a mentality issue and intangible issue and those two things you can never measure. Someone needs to step up fast.

I know this isn't my side of ball but the O-Line got destroyed. I'm out!


Written by: Jay Foreman

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