Nebraska 35

Purdue 14

So much to get to about the last "easy" game on the schedule.

This guy is prettier than the Huskers offense.

This guy is prettier than the Huskers offense.

The Husker offense stayed in the Halloween spirit and showed up to the game as "Tiny", the ugly little brother of the crazy family in Rob Zombie's crazy movie "House of 1000 corpses." By the way if you haven't seen that movie, don't, it's scary as hell. Another thing that is scary as hell, is the snap problem between Nebraska's center and qb Tommy Armstrong, and the offense in general. Wisconsin has got to be licking its chops looking forward to exposing that in 2 weeks.   

After the Huskers won their 8th game of the year on Saturday, I decided to turn on a local post game call in show and see what the voice of Husker Nation had to say about the ugly 21 point victory. Good Lord, was it bad. If I hadn't watched the game and just listened to the fan complaints about the game, I would've figured Purdue won by 21. It's frightening to think about what's left on the schedule, and how the offense has looked so bad at times. But Nebraska is 8-1. Isn't the old saying "Good teams find a way to win, even when they aren't playing well," or maybe I just made that up.  

Nebraska is a typical, 4 loss, Bo Pelini team without Ameer Abdullah. So, if there are any witch doctors, vampires, terminators, or someone with access to that stuff Jennifer Lawrence used in the Hunger Games to heal fast, SEND THAT SH*T TO LINCOLN, ASAP! A "mild MCL sprain" is what's being reported. If that is the case, it usually takes 1-3 weeks to heal. When Abdullah was sidelined, I think the team and fan base panicked. The good thing is, the Huskers #1 fan was there to put it all in perspective. Jack Hoffman took the words out of an entire states mouth.

Stats Time!

Tommy Armstrong has a knack at playing horrible against Purdue. After a poor game on Saturday and a stinker last year, his line against Purdue looks like this:

  • 14 completions on 39 attempts (8 completions on 21 attempts Saturday). That's a miserable 36% completion rate.
  • 161 yards passing ( 118 yards on Saturday)
  • 5 interceptions
  • 1 touchdown pass

That stinks worse than the bathrooms in Memorial Stadium. They are horrible stats, but Tommy did run for a nice touchdown when the Huskers desperately needed a score. I heard some rumblings after the game from fans wanting Tommy benched for walk on Ryker Fyfe. I thought it was the Jagermeister talking...but it wasn't. Everyone needs to settle down. Tommy is the best QB at Nebraska right now. He's a SOPHMORE! The dude had a bad game  and he makes young qb mistakes at times, but he is better right now than he was a year ago. He just sucks against Purdue is all. He's done some good things too guys. Just simmer down Husker fans. 

  • Although it seemed like a loss to some, the Huskers moved to 8-1 with the win. It's only the second time since 2001 the Huskers have started the season 8-1. 
  • Dj Swaggy Josh (Josh Mitchell) had a hell of a game. He had 3 pass breakups, which moved him into Nebraska's top ten list for career pass break ups at 23 total. He also had 2 sacks.

  • Kenny Bell needed only 2 more yards to break Johnny Rogers all time receiving yards mark. Unfortunately, the Huskers couldn't get it done at home. Now he has to wait 2 weeks and will do it at Wisconsin. Would've been nice to get Kenny a standing O at Memorial, but instead he'll probably get profanity yelled at him from the worst fans in the B1G up in Wisconsin. What a shame.

  • Ameer Abdullah had 1 yard on 6 carries in the game. That should take him out of any type of Heisman talk right? Oh, HELL NO! Even with a game with 1 yard, he still is 206 yards ahead of the rest of the country in all purpose yards. 

  • Nebraska had 2 blocked punts. First time since 2003 that has happened. This was the number one song on the last day Nebraska had 2 blocks in a game.

I really thought that Sean Paul guy would be around forever. Seems like Beyoncé being a complete smoke show will be around forever. Eleven years later and Beyoncé's still got it. Might want to skip to the 3:23 mark on this video, yikes!

  • Does Nate Gerry have the best hands on the team other than Jordan Westerkamp? He robbed another interception which is his fourth of the year, and his third game in a row with a pick.
  • Maliek Collins and Randy Gregory were wreaking havoc all day. Maliek had 5 tackles, 1 sack and 3 qb hurries. Gregory notched 3 qb hurries to go with his 4 tackles.

The Good: Nebraska has a true Freshman wide receiver that took the punt return game from a complete joke one year, and transformed it to the best punt return team in the country the next. De'Mornay Pierson-El, the game changer, had a awesome touchdown catch in the first quarter. He had 3 catches for 49 yards, and than added 45 yards on 3 punt returns. His long return was for 42 yards. He has changed the game dramatically for Nebraska. Nebraska's average starting field position in the game was at the Nebraska 49 yard line. That gave Nebraska the starting field position advantage in 8 of the 9 games so far this year. He's unreal.

The Bad: Normally I would just completely blast the broadcast booth, especially Ed "If I could swear at Nebraska on TV I would" Cunningham, but I'm not going to do that this week. Because for how horrible Ed Cunningham was, the Nebraska offense was worse. Nebraska didn't get over 300 yards of total offense against the worse team in the B1G. Top to bottom they were bad. O Line stunk, Tommy stunk, play calling stunk, THEY ALL STUNK. And if they play like that in 2 weeks, it's going to be ugly...again. But Ed Cunningham will still suck. Quincy Enunwa got to hear him be part of a Nebraska broadcast for the first time, and it didn't take long for him to realize how bad he was; he even shot out a couple tweets about it. We all agree with you Quincy.




Saturday, we found out exactly how important Ameer Abdullah is to this offense. They looked mediocre without him in the game. If he is not healthy for the Wisconsin game in 2 weeks, I really don't think the defense is good enough to carry them. It's awesome that there is a bye week now so our guys can get healthy and other teams can continue beating up on each other. Wisconsin is next, and I hate Wisconsin, almost as much as I hate Iowa. The Huskers are getting no respect from the rest of the country, and if they want any, they have to beat Wisconsin.

Written by: Cole Duncan

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