Today, Omaha's favorite pot stirring sports writer Dirk Chatelain dropped a bomb on the whole Pelini farewell tour. It all started Wednesday morning when Bo spewed a little white hot burn to Nebraska's  "Chancellor," Harvey "I'm a stunt double for Mr. Burns on The Simpsons" Pearlmen.

Well, this is what you signed up for Youngstown State. On a day that should have been about your football program getting a new coach, it's a sh*t storm about Pelini's lunatic ways.

Dirk and the Omaha World Herald received audio tape of Bo's final meeting held at Lincoln North Star High School a couple weeks ago. I have the link at the bottom, but here are some of Bo's quotes that made me feel like I was listening to Ray Finkle talk about Dan Marino, "THE LACES WERE IN!"

 “I didn't really have any relationship with the A.D.,” Pelini said. “The guy, you guys saw him (Sunday), the guy is a total p----. I mean, he is, and he's a total c---.”

Obsesssss Much.......

“There were agendas and that goes all the way over to the chancellor's office. And between the A.D. and the chancellor and they want their own guy in here, go ahead. Good luck to ya.” “And unfortunately all I found out then was that they were p------ and they were gonna do what was politically right.”

“I’d rather f------ work at McDonald’s than work with some of those guys. Not that there is anything bad about working at McDonald’s.”

Once again, Bo and I don't see eye to eye. McDonald's is garbage, Burger King is way better. Dude couldn't even drop a Runza plug on his way out right there?

“Let me tell you fellas and this is for real: If it wasn’t for you guys and for the coaches and for their families, I would have resigned a year ago. Because there was some things that were going on that were making me miserable. And all the money in the world ain’t f------ worth that. And that’s the truth. But there were times when I wasn’t doing that, when I had to deal with all the other bulls---, let me tell ya, there were a lot of nights that I would just go home and sit on the bed and sit there and think, ‘What the f--- am I doing?’ Is this worth it? I felt like it was taking years off my life.”

He was absolutely unhappy here. Sad.

“In the last game, you guys just said f--- it, let’s go play. Despite all the injuries and everything else we had dealt with, you guys at least played free. That is my advice to you guys that come back. You can’t let this place eat you up, because if you let it, it will eat you up."

Why not just do that every game if it is as bad as he says?

He concluded with saying he loved the guys, etc, etc. You can find the entire OWH article here.

I was on the "it was time for Bo to go" wagon. But I always said I thought he was a good guy, and after his actions since he was fired on November 30th, it's harder and harder to think that he is. He has no idea where the high road is.


Written by: Cole Duncan

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