Mike Riley (Not John Malkovich) is the head coach at the University of Nebraska.

Mike Riley (Not John Malkovich) is the head coach at the University of Nebraska.

So the last 24 hours have been pretty crazy in the cornhusker state. While people were daydreaming of sweater vest and Oregon offenses. The entire state (all at the same time) said, "Who?" I'm not saying it was a bad thing that we said it. Mike Riley was googled more times yesterday afternoon than Shawn Eichorst says "Uhm" in a press conference, (that's a lot of times). Some fans took to social media to voice their displeasure of the hiring. I just had a quite think session with myself. My first thought was, "I think this AD knows what he is doing".

Flash forward 20 or so hours. There's our guy, standing in front of the podium. Just absolutely crushing every question asked. Dropping lines like, "I'm here to build young men and win championships, and they don't have to be exclusive of each other". Wow! That one got me. He was cruising through this thing with little to no effort at all. He didn't have a written statement. He was shooting straight from the hip. Husker nation and I were blushing like high school girls that just got asked to prom. Then it happened. He said it. He said the name. He said the name that we all took an oath never to say again. When talking about the past coaches he said he'd like to talk to all of them, even you know who. The guy who coached the Huskers from 2004-2007. His name rhymes with Phil Hallahan. Look Mike, we want you to be here for a long, long time. We really do. Just please don't ever say anything remotely close to that again.

He then told stories of walk ons, open to the public practices, and water balloon fights. I can totally see this guy fitting in very well here. He took his last question and quietly walked away.

Then the Ginger (Shawn Eichorst) came up. He was full of "umms" and "uhhs", yet still very convincing. He was asked when he first contacted Mike Riley about the position. He said Monday. I instantly thought, "wait, they didn't already have their guy locked up before then?" It was a total power move by clearly the guy with the biggest balls in the state. The only thing running through my mind was Loyld Christmas asking his best friend Harry Dunn , "what if he shot you in the face?"

But what if? What if Mike would have turned down the job? That is a huge gamble that thankfully paid off. Good strong move, our fearless ginger leader.

Now we wait to see who Mike Riley will put on his staff. Who will stay from Bo's guys? Will Ed Orgeron bring the swagger to Lincoln? It can be done. Mike Riley's contract is for 5 years, at $2.7 million a year. That will leave plenty of "resources" in the bank to bring a great coaching staff around Riley. We wait and see for all that now.

Other than that, the press conference was great. It was a great way for Mike Riley to introduce himself to Husker fans. I didn't think he'd get it until next year when the Huskers play BYU in their first game. But Friday morning in Lincoln, Nebraska, Mike Riley got his first win as a Cornhusker.

Written by: Cole Duncan

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