Huskers wore the all white uniforms for the Fresno State game.

Huskers wore the all white uniforms for the Fresno State game.

Huskers had a special night on the west coast.


Nebraska 55

Fresno State 19

I'm not going to lie, when I saw the tweets from the locker room with the all white uniforms, I thought about going to bed early. Those all white uniforms have not been kind to us husker fans. When I think of the all white uniforms, two things comes to mind, "Jammal Lord," and a big fat LOSS in Penn State (I think that was 2002?). And, the last time they wore all white uniforms? That was in 2007 in a 65-51 loss to Colorado (Bill Callahan's final game as head coach).

But as the old, senial, tv anaylst Lee Corso would say, "not so fast my friend." 

This game was a fun one to watch, if you stayed up for it. 

If you didn't stay up for it, here's the late night, mega quick, extreme recap.

Westy scored, then went MIA

Abdullah scored, hung out with Westy the rest of the game

Gregory almost broke a guy in half, police investigating, sources say he might be with Westy and Abdullah

DeJuan Groce part Deux is now returning punts, goes under the alias of De'morney Pierson-El

The real BREAKING NEWS of the game, was that there are so many great products for sale late at night. I had no idea! I'm glad the huskers won and all, but I'm even more glad that I don't have to worry about the caulking on my kitchen backsplash anymore. The game was fun to watch, but super expensive. The good news is, leaks in my tupperware will never be a problem again. Thanks a lot infomercials.

Other than those white uniforms looking super duper awesome, another thing I noticed was the Huskers have some absolute KILLERS on the defensive side. Gregory running around absolutely changes things for this defense. There was some extra pop in the hits, and a little bit more swagger than we've seen in the previous 2 games.

How about some stats from this late night beat down.

  • Heisman candidate Ameer Abdullah went for 110 yards on 19 carries, and a 57 yard touchdown run. He passed Mike Rozier on the "all purpose yardage" list at Nebraska, putting him at #2 all time. He needs 141 yards to pass Johnny Rogers and take over the number 1 spot all time. Basically he's one of the best backs ever in the entire history of the program and we're all lucky for being able to watch him play every Saturday.

  • Jordan Westerkamp went out West and struck gold early (3rd play) on a 70 yard touchdown catch. The replay looked great. Thanks CBS sportsnet (or whatever it's called) for not showing us that one live. After his catch he went full "Donnie Brasco" and checked himself into the witness protection program. He only got one other catch in the game and wasn't even targeted until 3rd quarter. This is the stuff that drives me bonkers with the offense.

  • No matter how much junk I talk about Beck, his offense is scoring. Through 3 games they have busted the 50 point mark twice. They're averaging 47 points per game. I will give Beck some credit, unlike first down passes last week, he made changes. Out of 30 first down plays the Huskers ran, 25 of them were run plays, much improved from last week. Let's see if he can break a record and do it 2 weeks in a row.

  • Tommy Armstrong looked goooooooooooooodddd. He topped 300 total yards for the 3rd game in a row. He's the first Husker to do that since Joe Ganz in 2008. When he runs the ball like he did against Fresno State. this offense will be hard to stop. He didn't turn the ball over, and ran the offense good. He doesn't need to be a flashy playmaker, superstar qb; he just needs to run the offense, make good decisions, and not turn the ball over. This win makes Tommy 10-1 as a starter, 5-0 on the road. Not a bad start for a college career. What I like the most about Tommy so far through 3 games, is his lack of turnovers. He has 0 fumbles, and through 3 games he has 1 interception out of 81 pass attempts. Good stuff by Tommy there. 

  • 2 Tight End touchdowns on the night. I'm pretty sure that means the world is ending soon. Love you all...

Pierson-El after trashing Fresno State for a 86 yard punt return.

Pierson-El after trashing Fresno State for a 86 yard punt return.

  • De'Mornay Pierson-El had 150 yards of punt returns (over double last years entire season total). The true freshman (who is probably only like 18 years old) housed a 86 yard punt return for a touchdown. He is really looking like someone who is pretty special. While watching this game I took a second and thought to myself, "DAMN, we've got some playmakers on this team".

  • No stat here. I'm just wondering, did David Santos just start playing football? That's what I thought to myself when he batted that ball through the back of the end-zone for a safety early in the game. I would have paid money to hear what the coaches said to him when he came off the field there. I kinda felt bad for him. Shake it off big guy.

The Good: The Blackshirts were fierce! Fresno State ran 53 plays in the first half alone! They accounted for 3 offensive points off of those 53 plays. Gregory, McMullen, Cooper, Mitchell, Kalu and Valentine, these boys are cooooooold blooooded. Jiminy Christmas! I thought at one point Randy Gregory actually killed a guy. Fresno qb hung a reciever out to dry while Gregory dropped into coverage and he unleashed the fury on the poor bastard. Cockrell had a guy blowing snot bubbles out of his nose at one point. Cooper was laying the wood. They had 10 tackles for loss of yards and 4 sacks. Good night for the Blackshirts!

The Bad: Everything about this broadcast had a public television feel to it (no offense NE-TV). I'm not talking "donate some money while you watch this Ken Burns documentary public television." I'm talking, I was surprised there was no audio of someone yelling at their mom from the basement for her to hang up the phone during the broadcast. That CBS college sports network, or CBSNET, or whatever they call it is bad. Scrap it boys. They really made me wish I had paid for a Pay Per View broadcast like the old days. Memo for your next broadcast: The school the Huskers played last week is called McNeese State, NOT MAC-NEEZE STATE! That's phonics guys, sound it out. Aaroon Taylor is a big dude. He would definitely whoop my ass in a fight, just not in a spelling bee. There was errors all night on that broadcast.  


The game ended around 1:30 a.m.? Or was it 2:30a.m.? Jesus, I'm not sure what time it was? I know we all love the night games. It gives us more time to slam "cheer juice" and get rowdy. But can we all agree to never do it that late again? Not trying to get all "hip hop hogwash" old guy rant here, but I'm completely out of it right now. I'm not sure if I would have maxed out 2 credit cards on "Plumbers Hero" if that kickoff was at 7pm. 

Huskers rolled, defense looked great. 

And now we get to do something the Huskers have been waiting since 1976 to do, beat the snot out of Miami, in our house. The students are calling for a "Blackout" in Memorial next week. Others are calling for a "red out." In the words of Open Champion Happy Gilmore, "Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a sh**?" 

Let's just smack "The U" around in our house next week...

(But seriously, wear black)



P.S. Below is the best picture of the night, maybe of all time?