The last time Nebraska played Miami, most of the current players were 5 to 8 years old. That was the Rose Bowl, for the BCS national championship in 2001. Jeremy Shockey scored 30 touchdowns. The time before that? 1995 in the Orange Bowl (Warren Sapp is still catching his breath). The current players were in diapers or not born yet.

The Huskers have had some heart breaking losses against Miami. Saturday will not be one of them. So many times the Huskers played Miami, in Miami. Now they come to Memorial where it will be the largest crowd they've played in front of this year. Let me give you a couple nuggets on why exactly Nebraska will crush them on Saturday night.

Nebraska is averaging 324 rushing yards per game. That's good for 8th in the country. Miami does have the 15th best rushing defense in the country only allowing an average of 83 yards rushing per game, but they've played no running games ANYWHERE close to Nebraska's. Here is the rushing offensive rankings for the teams Miami has faced so far.

Louisville: 55

Florida A&M: Not ranked, FCS team

Arkansas State: 59

Add those numbers together, and it equals a damn good night for Ameer Abdullah.


Nebraska so far, has the 10th best scoring offense in the country averaging almost 48 points a game. Miami's offense isn't putting up any numbers close to that. Miami has the 65th best scoring offense in the country, averaging 31.7 points per game.


Nebraska's offense and defense are better than Miami's offense and defense. If Nebraska can just do what they do, AND NOT TURN THE BALL OVER, they're going to cruise and we're all going to party "Lionel Richie" style... ALL NIGHT LONG!


Roles will be reversed this time. They have to come to Memorial and play. This is the best home game of the year so let it all out. Do plenty of tailgating, and be loud. Don't sweat the outcome of the game though, because WE GOT THIS...