The Good (Besides Ameer)

The defensive takeaways. The early diving interception in the first quarter by David Santos helped NU get their breath and not allow 2 TDs in two Cane possessions. Also, it gave the ball back to Ameer. The second one late in the 3rd quarter with the strip by Trevor Roach was the play if the game. Why? Because Miami was going to start running more than passing if they took the lead or tied on that drive. Instead Josh Mitchell picked up a fumble for a house call and 10 point lead and Miami had to play from behind and gamble.


The Bad

The overall team speed on D will probably be what I write about every week due to the staff's preference for strength over speed. This year it has showed itself often whether the opponent was Miami, Florida Atlantic, Fresno or McNeese State. The lack of speed/quickness at DE, OLB and SS is apparent. And shocking. FAU had two 11 play drives to start the game exposing NU's team speed, but then their QB got hurt and poor QB came into the game. Also, just one sack versus a drop-back passing team as bad as FAU just because #4 is out. Versus Miami they were saved by the return of RG and (again) Ameer keeping the ball out of Miami's hands.

The Ugly

Nothing when you beat Miami by shoving the ball down their throats.


Written By: Jimmy Sheil

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