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It's Monday afternoon and I'm still just as shocked as you all are. Husker football, what does it even mean anymore? I feel like there should be meetings for people like us... "Hi, My name is Cole, this is my first meeting. and I have blind faith in Nebraska Football."  


It's not a bad thing, but there should be a cure for it, or a feeling of pride or some sort of good feelings from it. Those days seem to be far behind us. After all the bad football we have watched in the past 5 weeks, there are not a lot of positive feelings to take from it, being a Husker fan. We all walked into work today trying to avoid that Iowa fan that has been waiting to prey on us for the last 36 hours or so. They have that shit eating grin saying how they can't wait for that Black Friday game.  It's best to just say we aren't a good football team right now.

But it will get better. I am guaranteeing that. Will it happen next week? Probably not, but it will get better. 

Will it get better when Riley has better players? Maybe. I hate to even bring up the Bo/Riley commentary because that horse has been beaten so much Mike Vick thinks it is animal cruelty. But, (and this is a huge but, like Niki Minaj huge butt) as I see fans eat each other alive like some extras on AMC's the Walking Dead on these Husker message boards, Twitter, and Facebook, I can't help but think there are certain players that read it - maybe not all of them, but some do.

I would bet money Alex Lewis is one of those players that does. If the reports of what he was saying and doing on the way off the field were true, how can he still be a captain or on the team? I'd like to get guys like Tommie Frazier, Jason Peters, and Grant Wistrom's takes on that. You know, guys that gave it all for that football program and now Alex Lewis is out there making a mockery of it. That's such a kick to the berries to all those fans that paid money to travel and attend a game to watch their beloved Huskers play in. Not to mention the thousands of players before him that made that N on the helmet stand for something. That kinda stuff is not what Nebraska football is about. 

"If we should win, let it be by the code, 
Faith and Honor held high
If we should lose, we'll stand by the road, 
And cheer as the winners go by" 

I was a passenger on the "Get Bo outta Lincoln" train. Although, I didn't purchase the ticket for that train until he was in his 5th year. There are keyboard gangsters calling for Riley's head after 5 games!! These are real people who legitimately think he should be served walking papers after 5 weeks, barely over a month? I think that's a bit much. I've said since day one, this guy took over a decent program, give him 3 years. That's long enough this day and age in college football. Three and out, then we move on. If he keeps having clock management issues that my 9 year olds football team doesn't have, that keyboard mafia is only going to get bigger, louder, and more violent.

Even though the Huskers are 2-3 at least Wisconsin won't put up 70 on us this week...right? 

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