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NO. 06 – Showing off is the fool's idea of glory. #alexlewis

It was a devastating 4th quarter performance but it didn't stop there. Alex Lewis took to the fans again showcasing the Us vs The World attitude that we all thought was long gone.

Thanks to our Great Sponsors

Thanks to our Great Sponsors

Tommie and Dan are back in the studio worked up from this weekend's poor Husker performance.  Tommie comes with guns a blazing on the Alex Lewis situation. And we look back and compare Bo's start to Riley's.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Donal Trump running for office
  • Terrance Crawford defending his title in Omaha
  • Pat & JT B1G Pick'Em Challenge
  • Husker vs Illinois recap 1st, 2nd, 3rd quarter
  • Alex Lewis...doh!
  • Huskers vs Illinois 4th quarter
  • Bo's frist 6 games
  • Shedding the all Whites

This week’s listener question comes from @TouchdownTommie great Twitter followers. Their questions are:

Is this season doomed?
— Josh Swanson ‏
What would Osborne have done with a situation like Alex Lewis?
— Kyle Smathers
Should we ditch the “surrender whites??
— NCRick

And finally, this week’s game prediction:

  • Tommie - NU - UW
  • Dan -  NU - UW

Listen, learn, enjoy …