The Huskers would fall short in a late game rally that would end in overtime. How would Husker Nation react to the second lost of the season?

Down 30-10 heading into the fourth quarter it appeared the Huskers opportunity of success was all but over. However Armstrong and the Huskers mounted a heart filled comeback that would put then into overtime for a chance to leave South Beach with back-to-back wins over the Hurricanes. However Nebraska's luck would come to an abrupt end when Miami would intercept Armstrong on the first play of OT.

The morning after Husker fans were still taking to Facebook and Twitter. Some showing there support for the Huskers and the perseverance displayed while others chastise Riley and his coaching staff.

Here's some of the reactions by Husker Nation:


Reactions from Facebook

Still on the fence about Riley.
— D.j. Case
Still disappointed in the start, however, Very Proud and Encouraged by the FIGHT in these guys and this coaching staff. After the last 10+ years of “Mediocrity” things may be starting to look up?!? Time will tell.
— Tim DuBay
Sad we lost but today is a new day and next weekend is a new game. The guys fought hard and made an amwzing comeback. Im proud. Lets move forward and get the win at home!
— Jamie Tast-Pasley
It was 51 miserable minutes and 9 unbelievable awesome minutes.
— Troy Kuszmaul
Better. Some real great things happened. Buying in to what Reily is telling them.
— Brian Brindisi
About what I expected for the season when Riley was named. Average, mediocre, & benign.
— Dave Riley

More reaction from Twitter

Tough loss but I’m with them always will be. A unique quality with this team like no other, they adjust and fight.
— Todd Bullock
We are behind in speed, size on D. On-line needs more size. Kicking game all areas was the worst I have seen at NU.
— Jaden Barr
I feel more confident in this coaching staff then previous two. Don’t think this fight would have been there last year #GBR
— Logan Begeman
Lots of guts from this team. Proud of them. In years past, we would have imploded and got beat by 4+ TDs on nat TV. GBR!
— Gregg Daub
For the SAKE of HUSKER NATION, glad we made a game of it.Just keep improving and STAY POSITIVE #gbr #blackshirts
— Eddie Mitchell
Miami was bored at the end of the game the same way MSU was bored last year. It was a curb stomp all game. 6-7 type of year.
— Mara Kelly
Riley > bopo
— Mike Stillwell

It appears that despite the 1-2 record most of Husker Nation is still optimistic about Coach Riley's plan for turing around this program. But Husker Nation has now gone for over a decade without a conference title. And 2015 isn't starting off with a positive outlook.  Mike Riley will need time to fully execute his game plan. Can Husker Nation survive a couple more years of up and down?  What do you think?

Written by: Dan Powers

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