Mike Riley looks half asleep during warm-ups. The Cornhuskers defense was also asleep to start the game.

Mike Riley looks half asleep during warm-ups. The Cornhuskers defense was also asleep to start the game.

Huskers Lose to Hurricanes 36-33

I'm not sugarcoating anything today. I'm still upset the Huskers lost a football game to a team I didn't think was very good. Not only did they lose in overtime, which sucked, but they came out so sloppy. Everything sucked. I'm still not convinced Miami is a good team, but now I am also coming to the realization that Nebraska is even worse.  

When the game ended and I picked up my heart and tried to stuff it back in my chest I grabbed the 'ol Twitter/Facebook machine and I started seeing a lot of stuff about how bad Tommy Armstrong had played. I couldn't help but think to myself, did I drink a lot during the game? Maybe? Depends on what your definition of "a lot" is.

In this picture I see two bottles of booze and give or take 180lbs of sadness...

In this picture I see two bottles of booze and give or take 180lbs of sadness...

Either way, I don't think that affected my eyesight of watching a QB who ran when needed, hit receivers in the hands (that got dropped), and ALMOST willed his team to a victory. I don't get the hate? What do we want as a QB at Nebraska? Zero incompletions? Zero turnovers ever? I don't blame that loss on Tommy Armstrong. I blame it on the defense. Sure every player/position carries some blame, but Armstrong was a bad pass in OT away from putting a stamp on the biggest comeback in school history. 

After a couple convos on the internet about it I realized I was wasting my time. So, I shut it off,  I turned a different game on, and enjoyed the rest of my evening. Please pass that advice along to Alex Lewis.  

Oh and by the way, I'm only saying this for the 4 thousandth time........


  • The game Saturday was the first regular season game (non-bowl game) the Huskers played in the State of Florida since 1951, in which they lost to Miami. The Huskers finished that season with a 2-8 record. I could not imagine how painful that would be. I'd rather have my right hand get Jason Pierre-Paule'd than have to live through a season like that 1951 year. 
Fireworks are dangerous kids.

Fireworks are dangerous kids.

  • Nebraska lost the turnover battle 1 to 3 on the road, with lots of physical and mental mistakes, and still went to OT and lost. This tells me that the Miami team is nowhere near as good as that 3-0 record states.
  • In ESPN's way to early bowl prediction, they’ve got Nebraska playing Pitt or Duke in the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit. At the beginning of the year I predicted Nebraska to go 10-2. By no means do I think Nebraska will continue more than they win, but 7, 8, or 9 wins would be acceptable considering their first 3 games.
  • This is where I was going to post more stats, but I got angry and threw all those papers in the air. Moving on.

The Good: The 4th quarter. That was fun as hell to watch. Just wish they could have done that the other 3 quarters.

The Bad: Where do I start? First, Nebraska lost to Miami, The U. A school and fan base that embraces being the trash talking, bad guy. Everyone knows that one Miami fan we will be avoiding for a week or two. I get it Miami guy, you know how to put your thumbs together to make your hands look like a "U". Now try to use it in a sentence, an essay or a coloring book. I know you can't. I'm drinking a large glass of bitterness right now and I told the bar keeper to keep 'em coming.

More good news, after the "shit show on South Beach," is that the Huskers SHOULD win their next two games at ease. And if they don't the State of Nebraska might burn to the ground. I would envision it to be similar to the day Skynet takes over and the T-1000's start wiping out humanity.


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