Support & FAQ

Can I meet the talent of
Keep an eye out on our blog and Twitter for future meet-ups where you can meet our hosts!

How can I contact one of your talents for an interview?
To inquire about interviewing any of our talent, please contact [email protected]

Who do I contact to get permission to show a part of one of your shows in our TV production piece?
Please email [email protected] to find out how to gain permission to use our content.

How do I get my app or product reviewed on Revision3?
To pitch an app or product for review, email your press kit and detailed product info to our Product Reviews Manager, Dan Powers, at [email protected] Products and software can be pre-production or beta. Embargoes honored.

How do I report a broken link on your site?
Please email [email protected]

Who should I email if I’m having trouble viewing the website content?
Please email [email protected]

Download & watch later:
Want to download an episode to watch later? Simply go the show you want to watch and click “Download This Episode” on the page.

How do I get my show on

Want to become part of our Network? Email Dan Powers at [email protected]

Where can I easily find all your shows?
Visit this link to find all the shows currently on the TheBoneYard network!

Are there other ways to watch shows besides your website?
You can view our shows on a variety of Partners including YouTube, iTunes, Roku, Boxee, TiVo, Xbox and on your mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and Android.